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Innovative value, impact and relevance of the project

The main novelty of the alliance is the systematic and intensive use of sensor data combined with video surveillance for monitoring based on advanced data filtering techniques and decision support based on advanced operations research methods. This will help the farmer to monitor welfare and productivity related issues on his farm, and more importantly, to help him make timely interventions in order to avoid problems arising. Process optimization methods will help him find the intervention that is most efficient in his own farm.

The impact of the alliance is to increase animal health, reduce labour-requirement for problem solution e.g. concerning cleaning and climate regulation, and to reduce the use of medicine. Thus, the alliance will contribute significantly to the competitiveness of the Danish slaughter pig industry while still ensuring a satisfactory level of animal welfare.

The relevance of the alliance is the creation of a strong coalition of all important players in the field: the universities, the Danish pig industry and leading private IT companies. The universities will ensure research results at an international top-level. The direct involvement of the Danish pig industry (LFS/VSP) as partner of the alliance will ensure easy dissemination of the results of the alliance to pig farms. The involvement of technologically and software oriented private IT companies as affiliated partners of the alliance will ensure that the methods and prototypes developed in the work packages will provide a basis for future commercial products with an international market perspective.