Project’s international dimension

The alliance will emphasize the international dimension through an advisory board consisting of leading internationally recognized experts (see Section 11 for members); through international scientific conferences and through collaboration with leading international research groups working in similar fields. Groups in Leuven (Daniel Berckmans), Helsinki (Matti Pastell and Anna Valros), Utrecht/Wageningen (Linda C. van der Gaag and Henk Hogeveen) and Lleida (Lluis Plà) have already confirmed their interest in such a collaboration. 

In practice, the collaboration will consist of mutual visits by PhD students and other scientific staff, co-supervision of PhD students and joint authorship of articles and conference papers. These international partners also include important methodological expertise (Linda C. van der Gaag is for instance professor of computer science; Daniel Berckmans has profound knowledge of the technological aspects, and Lluis Plà is an expert of operations research).

It should also be noticed that Professor Linda C. van der Gaag intends to apply for funding for an additional PhD student focusing on the more fundamental computer-science aspects, to the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, in order to be able to collaborate within the PigIT alliance on a more equal basis.  

These international activities will enable the alliance to maintain a leading international position within the fields of automatic monitoring and model based decision support in livestock production.