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Project's methodology and results

Overall project idea

From a methodological point-of-view advanced ICT methods in pig production have two overall components: monitoring and decision support. Model based monitoring and decision support share common traits, originate from the same systems, and rely on the same data. Thus, it is a fundamental working hypothesis of this alliance that there are large synergies in not only concurrent methodological developments of model based monitoring and decision support, but also in a closer integration of these ICT components in pig production. A set of cases representing a wide range of current welfare and productivity challenges in growing pigs will form the basis for the methodological developments. Experimental settings where mature sensor technology is combined with video surveillance and other monitoring capabilities will be established in a number of locations. These experiments will gather information for the models for monitoring as well as decision making and serve as the basis for validation of the methodological developments. The overall components of the alliance are described briefly below.

Improved model based monitoring at herd and animal level
Improved model based decision support using advanced operations research methods
Monitoring and decision cases
Experimental design and setup
Methodological themes
Evaluation of uncertainty elements and plans for the handling of these elements