Monitoring and decision cases – PigIT, University of Copenhagen

Monitoring and decision cases

There are challenges in all stages of the production of growing pigs: the transfer to a new environment; the changes in requirements during growth; and the scarcity of resources towards the end of the production phase. Each phase provides different challenges in monitoring, detection and intervention. The alliance has identified 6 specific clusters of problems/challenges that represent a wide range of real, current challenges in modern pig production. Through these 6 cases, the structural challenges of monitoring and decision making of all phases pig production will be conceptualized and addressed. The cases, which will also be used as the basis for the methodological work packages of the alliance, are:

  1. Monitoring and forecasting of growth and feed consumption
  2. Detection of tail biting, intervention and decision about tail docking
  3. Detection of diarrhea and intervention
  4. Detection of undesired excretory behavior and intervention
  5. Detection of the duration of different production phases in growing pigs
  6. Optimal feeding and marketing policy in growing pigs