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Improved model based monitoring at herd and animal level

Model based monitoring is a process for monitoring dynamic systems such as a pig herd in order to detect unwanted (or desired) changes in the behavior of the system as illustrated in [18, 25]. The intent is to mimic the condition of the herd in a model or a set of models. Observing the behavior and properties of animals and their environment through real-time automatic monitoring will advance the state of the model to reflect the status of the herd. Reasons for deviating from the desired behavior of the system, such as tail biting, an outbreak of diarrhea or a change in feed uptake can then be represented in different models, thus assisting in diagnosing the most likely reason for an observed deviation from normal or desired performance. Thus model development must be carried out in close collaboration between experts in all domains (monitoring, production and animal welfare) in order to model, detect and intervene with respect to major welfare problems in a production context.