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Objectives of the project 

The societal objective of this alliance is to contribute significantly to the competitiveness of the Danish slaughter pig industry while still ensuring a satisfactory level of animal welfare. This will provide a basis for future commercial products with an international market perspective.

The primary scientific purpose of the alliance is to develop and improve methods for

  1. Model based production and welfare monitoring by,
    1. Optimizing the use of automatic measurements based on sensor technology.
    2. Improving links between data from different animals and different parts of the herd.
    3. Enhancing the early prediction and identification of reduced welfare and productivity.
  2. Model based decision support by,
    1. Improving integration of data in the decision process by
      1. learning parameters from data and
      2. implementing industrial methods for process design, control, and development.
    2. Ensuring optimal decisions by integrating indicators of animal welfare and productivity.
    3. Developing optimization algorithms, which can handle multiple decision criteria and multiple levels.