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Work package C.1. Value of information

WP leader: Anders Ringgaard Kristensen, UCPH LAS

Purpose: In several of the previously described work packages several data sources are potentially available for the same kind of information. Since the data sources vary in costs as well as in precision there will often be a tradeoff between costs and precision. It is the ambition of this work package to try to estimate the value of information from different data sources and different purposes.

Deliverables: (a) scientific publications focusing on cross-case comparisons of the value of information in terms of improvement in welfare or economical result obtained by including the information in the management decisions.

Work package C.2. Evaluation, documentation and dissemination

WP leader: Anders Ringgaard Kristensen, UCPH LAS

Purpose: It is the goal of this work package to evaluate the performance of the methods and tools from they are developed until the end of the project period. The results of this evaluation will be communicated to the Danish pig farmers through articles and demo cases presented in farmers' magazines. All algorithms and prototype software developed will be documented and made available to the scientific community and to the agricultural software industry.

Deliverables: (a) visual prototypes of a monitoring and decision support system improving welfare and productivity in growing pigs; (b) a closing conference where the most important results of the activities are presented to the pig industry and other relevant target groups (for instance technologically and software oriented companies).