Startup work packages – PigIT, University of Copenhagen

Startup work packages

Work package A.1. Establishment and operation of sensor infrastructure in test herds

WP leader: Erik Jørgensen, AU ANIS.

Purpose: This work package comprises the establishment of the data-sources used throughout the project. Each pen will be equipped with commercially available sensors and with video cameras. In selected herds the pigs will be identified with RFID tags.

Deliverables: (a) a pilot study for optimizing the setup, and for the development of the database structure; (b) the sensor infrastructure is established in test herds; (c) a report on the sensor infrastructure.

Work package A.2. Introductory modeling of data (including vision data)

WP leader: Erik Jørgensen, AU ANIS.

Purpose: This work package will be closely coordinated with A.1. The goal is to develop a data model for the sensor data reflecting the hierarchical nature of the data collection (herd, section, pen, batch, pig) and to develop image analysis methods for activity measurements, for the location of the animal, for detection of the area occupied in the pen, and for the size of the pigs in the video recordings from the herds.

Deliverables: (a) a common database, for all herds; (b) image analysis algorithms; (c) scientific publications.