Closing conference

It is a great pleasure to invite our international and Danish connections from science and industry to this event where we share the results and experiences of this seven year research project within the field of precision pig farming. [Download flyer]

Time and venue

The closing conference of the PigIT project will be held at University of Copenhagen on the 13th of November 2018 from 10:00 to 16:00 in the celebration auditorium (A 1-01.01), Bülowsvej 17, DK-1870 Frederiksberg C, Denmark. Separate directions for travel as well as accommodation options are available.


Registration is now closed. You are, however, welcome to inquire by e-mail about the possibilities for attendance.


The scientific objectives of the project have been to develop and improve methods for

  1. Model based production and welfare monitoring, and
  2. Model based decision support

The themes of the program reflect those two objectives, and the day concludes with perspectives for the future.

Registration and coffee from 9:30
Theme 0: PigIT - motivation and core concepts.
Chair: Lene Juul Pedersen
10:00 The ideas behind the PigIT project
Anders Ringgaard Kristensen, University of Copenhagen
Theme 1: Model based production and welfare monitoring
Chair: Lene Juul Pedersen
10:30 A dynamic approach to monitoring of growth in finishers
Anna Helena Stygar, University of Copenhagen (present affiliation: Luke, Finland)
10:50 Automatic learning and pattern recognition using sensor data
Dan Børge Jensen, University of Copenhagen
11:20 Coffee break
Theme 1 (continued): Model based production and welfare monitoring
Chair: Dan Børge Jensen
11:40 Spatial modeling of drinking patterns as a tool for reducing alarms in pig production
Katarina Nielsen Dominiak, University of Copenhagen (present affiliation: SEGES, The Pig Research Centre)
12:10 Behavioral changes preceding tail biting and pen fouling in slaughter pig pens
Lene Juul Pedersen, Aarhus University
12:30 Using machine learning to predict tail-biting, fouling and diarrhea in pigs
Yuvraj Domun, Harper-Adams, United Kingdom
12:50 Lunch
Theme 2: Model based decision support
Chair: Anders Ringgaard Kristensen
13:50 Models and methods for optimization of pig production in a stochastic environment
Reza Pourmoayed, Aarhus University (present affiliation: Grundfos)
14:20 From raw data to optimal sow replacement decisions - an integrated solution
Jeff Hindsborg, University of Copenhagen
14:40 Coffee break
Theme 3: Where to go from here
Chair: Nils Toft
15:00 The IQinAbox project
Thomas Nejsum Madsen, Nejsum Aps
15:20 Ambitions for machine vision
Dan Børge Jensen, University of Copenhagen
15:40 Plenary discussion
All presenters
16:00 Closing