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03 June 2013

Data collection in private herd started

A true milestone of the PigIT project has been reached: Data collection has started in the first private farm. It is the Kappel family farm (Boddum, Thy) who has agreed to host the data collection activities.

As a first step data collection is being established in four sections of the finisher unit. In each section four pens are being monitored. The following sensors have already been installed:

  • Two temperature sensors in each pen.
  • Two cameras over each pen. One of the cameras is for online weight assessment and the other is for activity measurement.

Later, also water flow sensors will be installed in the 16 pens.

Two activity cameras are seen above two pens.

In each pen two temperature sensors are installed.  

The weighing camera is seen vertically above the pen.

The computer room where data from cameras and sensors is stored on computers