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Sow Replacement Software

Due to a grant from "Promilleafgiftsfonden for Landbrug" a software development project is carried out from August to December 2016. The project title is "Udvikling af et redskab til forbedrede udsætningsstrategier i soholdet" (Development of a tool for improved culling strategies in sow herds).

A project description (in Danish) is available.

Objective and content

The objective of the project is is to develop an integrated ITC tool for improvement of culling strategies in sow herds. An existing research based replacement model will be updated to current productivity level and with new methods for automatic calibration to the performance level of the individual sow herd.

The following activities will be carried out as part of the project:

  1. Reprogramming of the existing model in order to handle:
    1. The continuous improvement of litter size
    2. Automatic calibration of the model to the individual performance level of a sow herd.
    3. Later integration of new production properties.
  2. Direct integration of the tool with the commercial management information software used in a herd.
  3. Development of a user interface and a reporting tool.
  4. Development of a performance indicator.

Plan for dissemination

The tool will be described in an article in a farmers' magazine and at meetings organized by SEGES, Danish Pig Research Centre. Furthermore, a dedicated homepage has been created:  

All results from the project (including the software tool) will be distributed freely to the public.

Time frame and deliverables

The project is expected to finish in 2017. The following deliverables are planned for the project:

  • An article in a relevant farmers' magazine (probably published in 2017). If copyright rules allow it, the article will also be published online with a link from this page.
  • A software tool for optimization of culling strategies. First version is expected to released before the end of December 2016. The software will be made available for complementary download at the address
  • A short users' guide will be published online before the end of 2017.

Project organisation

The project is led by professor Anders Ringgaard Kristensen, University of Copenhagen, Department of Large Animal Sciences, Grønnegårdsvej 2, DK-1870 Frederiksberg C, Denmark.

A focus group consisting of chief scientist Lisbeth Ulrich Hansen (SEGES, Danish Pig Research Centre) and consultant Kristian Juul Volshøj (SvineRådgivningen) will follow the project.


A preliminary version of the software can be downloaded here.